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New Album

His champion sound saluted by Stormzy; sampled by Dilla and proclaimed "sexy" by Kylie, Tommy Evans unleashes Antifragile, an adaptation of his book Medusa Wore A Weave.

Produced entirely by DJ Agent M, the Leeds-London duo have composed a classic rap album with a contemporary twist, encompassing elements of boombap, trap, soul, jazz and house.

Tommy showcases his range over 14 songs (plus 2 bonus tracks on the CD) alongside an accomplished cast of poets, singers and rappers: from going toe-to-toe with Broken Pen on 2 Senseis; to musing on fame (The Eternal Mortal) fraternity, (M.A.N.) and family (Fatherhood). Antifragile is a mature and reflective project that’s not shy to shake a leg on Catchy or giggle at childhood mischief on Memory Lane.
The king is back!